Saturday, April 19, 2008


The Spurs beat the Suns in double overtime 117-115. This is the best first round game I have ever seen. Duncan forced a second overtime, Finely did it in the fourth and Manu hits the game winner. You have to give kudos to each team for giving the fans a show. I thought the Suns would end up winning, but you have to defend. Shaq sat out because the Spurs didn't call a timeout. Just another ingenious thought from Gregg Popovich. The Duncan three worked only because you wouldn't expect it all. It was his first three of the year; most likely not mentioned in the scouting report. He caught the ball in tremendous rhythm and used his streaky shot to tie it up.

Nash was clutch as usual. He came out with an offensive agenda of his own in OT and hit a three to tie it late. Coaching is a variable when considering what team is better than another and no hit to Mike D'Antoni, but Gregg proved himself tonight. I predict this series will only get better, you still have to keep in mind this was the first game.

The third game of the day will be the Hornets hosting the Mavs. Tune back into ESPN for the game. It may not be a classic like this one, but it sure should be entertaining.
by: Joe Murphy


Anonymous said...

Good points, did you check out the article outlining the Suns/Spurs Keys to the series on They made some good points, there is also an article I read there about Shaq and the intangible things he brings to a team…check em out.