Sunday, April 20, 2008


So far the biggest upset I have ever seen, the Sixers beat the Pistons 90-86. All I can say is, "are you kidding me?" This was such a great victory if you're Philly, a crushing defeat for the Pistons. the reason they won is the Pistons were unable to score late in the game. Mo Cheeks has got to be really happy with his squad. The one thing that concerns me is how much confidence they gain from this win. My fear is that will think they're all that and get blown out in game two. You know the Pistons are going to be quite intimidated by the first loss, look for the tenacity they should have brought in game one to resurface in game two.

Reggie Evans was the key for the Sixers. He got some lose balls and was able to score a little here and there.

Billups is a big factor in the loss. He missed three free throws in crunch time. This is no excuse for the loss, but Billups must get back to his usual consistency from the free throw line.

The NBA, where UPSETS happen!
by: D. Lippitt/Einstein


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