Wednesday, April 09, 2008


In a game which Detroit never lead, the Sixers beat the Pistons 101-94. These two teams have a good chance of meeting in the playoffs, but this wasn't a full blown preview. Rip Hamilton didn't play and the bench rotation was much too generous, every player got at least six minutes of action. I expect Flip Saunders to really tighten up on that, maybe not near as much in the first round. Phili did play a very solid game. They won because of a big advantage in fast break points. This will be an important thing the Pistons need to work on. In the playoffs, the defense will get even better; it was already decent tonight. The shot clock almost expired multiple times down the stretch. You've got to respect the run the Pistons bench made late in the game. They are much deeper this year and it should really benefit them come playoff time.

Louis Williams has to be contained. If he is able to penetrate at will, this would actually be a tight series. I don't mean to burst the bubble of any Sixer fans, but this year's post-season is more of a test run. They aren't a real contender to win a title this year or next year really. This has been a speedy recovery from what seemed like a fatal blow to this franchise's success (trading Allen Iverson and rebuilding). If they can win a game or two in a series, I would call that some adequate progress. That said, I do like this team. They are fun to watch and have a long future ahead of them.
Photo by:
H. Rumph, Jr.