Sunday, April 27, 2008


The Pistons beat the Sixers 93-84 to tie the series 2-2. They responded in the second half and took the lead throughout the fourth. The question was would they respond and after trailing by 10 at halftime, they came out ready to take over. This series will go back to Detroit for game five.

The Sixers have to be disappointed about giving up their halftime advantage. Winning in Detroit is possible, but it will be tough. Just like the Spurs, they have to force the tempo. They averaged 92.5 points in their two victories; tonight they couldn't even touch 90. They need to make it a game where Detroit has to put 100 on the board to beat them. Take the ball out of the basket and continue to run like mad. Fast break opportunities don't occur only off a steal or turnover.

Detroit, you now have to put the clamp down in game five.
You have to realize you are not unbeatable. Come out and act like there was no time between game four and game five. The only thing that changed is where you're playing and the color of your jersey. Once this happens, this series will be back in your hands.
Photo by:
Tom Mihalek/AP