Friday, April 25, 2008


Detroit is still asleep in Michigan tied with the Sixers 1-1. NO! Wake up from that daze Detroit, you just lost game three badly. They really didn't put their heads into the game. Way too many turnovers, and an overabundance of jump shots (a little giving up) are the perfect formula for an upset. I don't know how many science courses the Sixers squad has taken as a whole, but this is defying the laws of science (true words of a basketballogist).

I have lost my respect for the Pistons. I gave them the obvious edge, hey it's very apparent that they have the skill set to sweep them. No, they just want to wait until they hit Boston to really play. If they don't win game four decisively, this series is still up in the air. Before the playoffs started, Billy King (former Sixers GM) predicted the Sixers would win this series in seven game. First, I thought, "do you know anything about basketball?" Now, I no longer question his audacity, this team is very serious. Can they beat them, I'm now undecided. King put this team together, he knew what he was doing.

What's the cause of this Piston inconsistency? The big reason is Flip Saunders. I know he's got an influence on their psyche, and I don't know if it's a good one. If they don't go very far in the playoffs this year, Joe Dumars should consider a change. The other obvious aspect is the Pistons don't respect this young spry team. They think every game should just be given to them because they are the Pistons and the Sixers are that team that used to have Allen Iverson. Philly hasn't given them anything, they play each game with great intensity.

Come on Pistons, put your head in the game!
Photo by: H. Rumph Jr./AP