Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Mavs should have a bounce in their step after beating the Suns 105-98. Another win against a 500. team, they must feel good. They finished the game really strong, holding the Suns to just nine fourth quarter points. If Dallas can sustain the same level of energy they had in the fourth quarter, then they could challenge to move up in the West. The Suns played well, but the tenacity of the Dallas defense hurt their offensive attack. I like how they fed Amare, but he would've done better had he gotten more high percentage shots. A guy his size should shoot close to 60%, but he was at 50%.

I think Dallas is in the clearing to get into the playoffs, as long as they stay healthy. I saw in this game how the JKidd deal has really hurt their depth. Bass is a solid young player, but I question what he can do in the playoffs. I'm sure he'll show up at home, but can he go into a top team's house and command respect. After he gets his feet wet in the playoffs, you'll see the Brandon Bass you're used to.
Photo by:
Paul Connors