Monday, April 28, 2008


The Magic beat the Raptors 102-92 and will now move onto the second round. Toronto had a chance to make it a game, but the Magic got their first double digit lead with about three minutes to go. Orlando shot some three's and got a few stops to seal the deal. Dwight Howard had another 20-20 game (20 points and 20 boards). He has been a beast in this series, but to win in round two, he'll need to mutate into Godzilla. They will next face the Pistons or the Sixers. Each team has some powerful front court players (who will likely defend Howard) in Dalembert (Sixers) and Wallace (Pistons).

I don't know how far the Magic can go. They are a great team with lots of talent and potential, but they rely heavily on three point shots. In the next round they are going to face teams that guard the three point line like hawks; who will score the ball then? I know Howard is their post threat, but he's not great at putting up lots of points. Hedo is the only other post threat, also not his forte. They can beat the Sixers, but I think a Pistons series would be a seven game toss up. It's too early to look at the second round--the Pistons and Sixers have at least two more game to play!

Looking back at the Raptors season, Calderon made some real progress. He is now known across the league as a solid point guard, a master of the fundamentals. I think they need to make a move to improve the front court. Bosh is nice, Bargnani is not really a post guy and Rasho is decent but not good enough. Someone who can score with his back to the basket could make the Raptors a top team in the East. Summer is not welcomed in Canada!