Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Magic beat the Raptors at home 114-100. The Magic were very hot in the first quarter, 43 points. They had a simple game plan: drive and kick for open three point shots. They got a little cooler as the game progressed and at one point in the second half, the lead was just five. Orlando responded to the run with a 10-0 of their own. I like how the Magic played, but they need a plan B when the three's aren't falling. They will make the necessary defensive adjustments and the Magic need to counter with some nice offensive tactics. Howard could get some more touches, fill the stat sheet even more.

Toronto needs to start game two a lot stronger. If they are down by even 10 after the first, that would make a come back a lot easier. The inside out game was not great for Toronto. If they can eliminate their love affair with jumpers, they will see vast improvement. Also, if they want to play zone, they've got to get out to the shooters, or just throw that out of the defensive handbook. This will be a closer series when these changes occur.