Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Larry Brown announced as new Bobcats coach!

MJ put his stamp on the Bobcats by bringing hall of fame coach Larry Brown in to run the show. I think this move is a good one, but they still aren't a contender (for a title at least). Despite Larry Brown's incredible coaching skills, they are a young expansion squad that can't win a title for at least a couple years. Jordan seems to be ready to make big things happen, but will he sacrifice developing young talent to make this team good now? We saw a little bit of that at last year's draft with the Jason Richardson trade.

I'd like him to keep most of the young talent and let them grow. Maybe you trade a player or two, but don't really shake things up. Keep this year's draft pick and try to get a nice low post scorer. Charlotte won 32 games this year and if the East stays terrible they can make it. Brown could give them a 5+ game improvement and that's with the squad they have now. That would tie them with the Hawks for the eighth spot in the East. You add a nice draft pick and a few veterans and maybe you'll see another 10 games added to Brown's five. That would result in a 47 win season, putting them two games over the Cavs for the fourth seed in the East. How much do you think they can improve?