Sunday, April 13, 2008


LA probably secured their position atop the west. If they can beat the Kings (they've been tough of late) they will clinch the top seed in the toughest conference. That would mean home court advantage all the way through the western conference teams and if they have a somewhat healthy Bynum, they should go all the way to the finals. This wasn't the Spurs 100%, no Manu is a huge change to this team. He is the most important player on this team, like Gregg Popovich said, they can't win a playoff series without him. That said, this is a nice confidence booster for the Lakers. If they don't beat the Kings, that would be devastating. They are playing some okay ball, but I think LA will win.

Just like the Wiz beating Philly, the Spurs just couldn't score late. They played okay, but they packed it in early. The Spurs know that once Manu comes back, everything will be fine and dandy. Until that point, they might not play Duncan and Parker as much.

LA needs to face Denver to ensure a win in the first round. I really don't like the Warriors match up if I'm LA. Their defense is decent, but not good enough to stop them from getting lots of points. Denver would be a tiny bit easier, but it's still a western team.
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Kevork Djansezian


Ed The Sports Fan said...

Just for the record, Denver will pull two games away from L.A.

Finals will be a rematch of the '76 Finals...figure that one out.

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