Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Lakers beat the Nuggets 128-114 to take a 1-0 series lead. Denver played a nice first half, but broke down in the second. LA made a run late in the third quarter that enabled them to relax a little. Denver fired back and cut the lead to nine; a couple of LA three's later they were ahead by about 15. The key was they made runs without
Kobe. Foul trouble plagued him and he sat out. Odom was great all around and Pau supplied great offense and nice D.

AI was stressed and got thrown out of the game late. I hope the Nuggets got the message. They need to try on both ends for 48 minutes (47 and a half won't even do). Continually switching what kind of defense they play would rattle the Lakers offense and enable them to run on their end. Also, don't just play for one half. They can't turn it on and off, but they only turned it on when they got down late in the third.

LA will take game two, home court makes it easy for them. TNT has got the day's next two games.
By: Noah Graham