Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Warriors played a terrible fourth quarter and lost to the Hornets 108-96. This was an up and down game for both teams. New Orleans would go on a run and Golden State would come on strong again. The difference was defense. David West got off his jump shot with ease, something that Warrior defense needs to focus on if they meet in the playoffs. The pressure is now really on in Oakland. There is still time, but they have to hope the Nuggets go cold and the bring back the heat at home. When these two teams meet on Thursday, it should be an all out dog fight.

CP3 (Chris Paul) really increased his MVP stock. He had his fourth career triple double and played terrific when it mattered. He also did this on the national level, what I loved was his passion. After the third quarter, he begged coach Byron Scott to start the fourth quarter. To me, it's an MVP sign when you really want to play and a coach of Byron's caliber lets you. Despite all of this MVP talk, the team played great on both ends. The bench picked up their effectiveness, finishing with 26 points off the bench. This is critical to any playoff success for the Hornets. Look at teams like LA and the Spurs, they are very deep and sometimes rely on their bench in crunch time.

On the Golden State side, they have got to shoot better and come out with more energy. They have to play like Kansas did in the first half against UNC. Force the run and gun style and the game should win itself.

Speaking of those games, I like Memphis. Kansas can get an advantage against them if they play a terrific team game, but individuals have helped Memphis win 38 games this season. Rose is a magnificent player and you'll probably hear his name called in this summers NBA draft.
Photo by:
Ann Heisenfelt