Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Somewhere Mark Cuban is scowling. His team is now down 2-0, itching to get back to Dallas. The Hornets had complete control, final score 127-103. Chris Paul isn't the MVP of this season (Kobe), but he is going to have it in his back pocket for years to come. The great thing is double teams didn't throw off his game. If they doubled him, he got to a shooter (Peja for three, West mid-range jumper) and they always played very relaxed. He's got complete control over his game, the shot clock hitting five really doesn't faze him. Face it, I'm riding the Chris Paul bandwagon right now.

The commentators who called the game brought up Chris Paul's playoff experience. They referred to what early skeptics thought would hurt Paul and the Hornets in this series: experience. Doesn't that sound like our current Democratic race? I remember when Hillary criticized Obama for not have the necessary experience. I'm no political jockey, but Obama has continued to prove himself and the skeptics backed off a little. With these two wins, Paul shined and made a mockery of his skeptics, too.

Dallas just has to be consistent on both ends. They might get a steal on defense, but fumble it on the fast break and vice versa. They need to win game three, or I don't think they can come back. Breathe easy Mark, Dallas is only about an hour and a half away.


Love & Basketball NBA Ballers said...

Great points about experience and the political race...It's funny how some analysts were saying Dallas would defeat New Orleans round 1, yet the same analysts would say Chris Paul wins MVP this season.