Saturday, April 26, 2008


The Atlanta Hawks beat the Boston Celtics 102-93, but trail in the series 2-1. This game wasn't really close in the fourth, the Hawks lead by double digits for most of it. Something to look at in game four will be Paul Pierce and Al Horford. Horford had some words for him after he gambled on a steal unsuccessfully. You know they're going to come out with heat in the next game, but Pierce may be overcooked. He has got to keep his head in the game and not do anything stupid.

If you're the Hawks, you can take a deep breathe. The hometown crowd stuck behind you and you didn't disappoint. They have to play even better if they want to win game four. Doc Rivers will give the Celts a mouthful and they are apt to respond. If the Hawks are able to work the inside out game the same way they did in this game they should be fine.

Boston will come out in game four with a winning mentality. Doc wants them to blow them out so they can just worry about taking care of business back in Boston.