Sunday, March 09, 2008


In what was a tight game from start to finish, the Suns were able to grind out a win over the Spurs 94-87. The Suns were clearly focused in this game and it should help them gain momentum for an end of the season push. The Suns defense was the best I've seen since the Shaq deal; they played Tony Parker very well down the stretch. Grant Hill and other bigger players made it tough for Parker to use his much improved jump shot against them. A few turnovers late in the game helped fuel the Suns offensive attack. I think Shaq looked really comfortable with the Suns tonight, his best performance yet.

But I still have one question about this new look team: can they keep up the intensity they brought to today's game? Will this team have a problem similar to Shaq Laker teams? Those teams felt that they could pump up the volume when the bright lights were actually on them. A test of these big questions would be how they play against a sub .500 team--let's say the Bobcats. They need to bring the same defensive tenacity they did against the Spurs as they would against the Bobcats (even if they are up 15 in the fourth). I think that if Shaq can hone in on the Suns defensive strategy, the defense will drastically improve as a whole.
Photo by:
Ross D. Franklin