Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Spurs hosted the Rockets and crushed them 109-88. Bad defense caused this loss, there's no other real excuse. San Antonio was able to shoot over 50% from both the field and the three point line. Finley was shooting the lights out and it has to carry over for the Spurs to win the West. It didn't matter if it was penetration, or the in and out game, the Spurs offense was very effective and efficient.

Despite this, the Rockets played a lackluster offensive game as well. First of all Luis Scola led the team in scoring. No knock to his offensive game, but he shouldn't lead the team in scoring. That jumped out at me when I was looking at the stat sheet. Tmac and Alston combined for 26 points. They shot a combined 9-36 from the field. You don't even need to see the game to know the Rockets played horribly.

They have got to gain the same defensive tenacity
they had during their 22 game winning streak. If they can't play close to that level, the playoffs will be a tough task.


Melvin said...

Ugly game by the rockets... After the streak, I haven't seen them play like a REAL contender... i think its not fair to say scola doesn't have offensive skills, he's even a scorer in argentina right?