Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Spurs beat the Mavs 88-81 in a playoff-like game. The Mavs really played good ball for one half. They led at halftime, but it was all down hill from there. The Spurs got out to about a 14-0 run when Dirk went down. That injury looked really bad, but I think it will come out a little better. After that, San Antonio had command the rest of the way. As if it could get any worse, Stackhouse and Manu got into a little scuffle. Mavs coach Avery Johnson was furious and got a technical, if I was out there I would've wanted two technicals. Some of the great coaches like Phil Jackson and Don Nelson thinks it can help a team. This could have been a very similar situation.

I don't think this is the year of the Mavs in Dallas. Dirk will probably miss some time, or not perform to his usual ability. Kidd looks a little lost, he's still very much uncomfortable. Mark Cuban has got to feel bad, his body language portrayed that.

If Dirk misses time, you really have to consider whether they will make the playoffs. The Warriors are breathing down their necks and the Nuggets can compete too, with a couple of wins (and Dallas losses).