Friday, March 21, 2008


The Heat are an embarrassment. A team that went 44-38 last year, they've won
only 12 games out of a total of 67. Do you hear that, Riley? It's the D-League (minor league to the NBA) calling, they need a team to fill the Florida market this year. This team is really that bad. To make it worse, just about all the important players who were a part of the championship run have tanked the season. It's not that they had ANYTHING to play for. Right now the only thing they're in contention for is last place in the East and a really high lottery pick.

Riley doesn't even want to coach this team anymore. He wants to scout this team back into a contender next year. Next year could be a lot better, but there are still questions to answer. Do Wade and all of the players want to give this team a second chance? Does Pat Riley want to coach next year? Would Shawn Marion even fathom coming back to this squad? If not, Michael Beasley is the perfect fit for Miami. He would fill Marion's spot, although not as much of an all around player, he would still be affective.

Miami fans just need to wake up at training camp next year and hope this season is a bit better. There are a few bright spots: I really like Dorell Wright, his future is bright and he has blossomed this year. Good luck to Miami in the future, but for now this is one of the biggest disappointments I've seen.