Monday, March 31, 2008


The Wizards seemed like they would never go away, but the Lakers prevailed 126-120 in overtime. If LA can't defend the three, they cannot win big in the West. DeShawn Stevenson finished with eight long balls. Do I need to go on? Kobe should be the only player in a Lakers game to get eight threes (well maybe Vujacic
, he shot the lights out). Phil Jackson needs to really get on them for that.

LA had a chance to win it late in regulation. The play they ran was perfect: Kobe penetrated in and forced the Wizards defense to collapse and double him, then he threw the ball out to Derek Fisher who missed an open three. I have concerns with Fish and KB24. Both of them are injured (Fish has a foot problem, Kobe a finger problem) and it seems to have affected their shooting. Kobe has suffered from the free throw line, missing more than he usually does. Fish just needs to get his feet set and only take high percentage shots. It was good to see Chris Mihm back on the floor. He wasn't effective, but he is starting to get his legs back. DJ Mbenga had a nice game as well, maybe they can develop some consistency before Bynum and Gasol comeback. That would be huge for the Lakers. The front line is already terrific, but they need more of a bench presence.

Someone has got to get an award on the Wizards side. They are fifth in the East (I know that's not saying much) and they have suffered through tons of problems, Agent Zero (Gilbert Arenas) has missed just about the whole season and Caron Butler missed about 20 games. I know nobody's thinking, but consider them for something.

A reader namer Melvin recently commented on my last post. Here's what he said:
Ugly game by the rockets... After the streak, I haven't seen them play like a REAL contender... i think its not fair to say scola doesn't have offensive skills, he's even a scorer in argentina right?
Let me respond to that. I'm sure Scola does have offensive skills, he just shouldn't be at the forefront of the Rockets offensive attack. He is a part of a unique group of players that bring tons of energy to the game. He can do it on offense and defense, but Tmac and Alston should lead the team in that regard. Thanks for your contribution and keep it coming!
Photo by: Gus Ruelas