Sunday, March 02, 2008


Led by Kobe's best performance so far this season, the Lakers beat the Mavericks 108-104 in overtime. This game lived up to my expectations for sure. You could sense the importance of this game on both sides, it was a true playoff atmosphere. Dirk had a chance to tie the game late with a three, but air balled that shot and Odom hit a free throw to win it for the Lakers. You have to question Dirk a little bit based on his performance with game winning shots. Sure, he hit the shot to force overtime, but I still don't really have complete trust in him taking the last shot.

The defense on Kobe was too weak for them to stop his (and the Lakers) momentum. Changing up the defense frequently out of time outs, etc. could have forced LA to not be as effective on the offensive end. JKidd surprised me with that miss on a free throw that also would have tied the game late in overtime. He had a look on his face that he knew he would miss, can't have that in the playoffs. I expect him to become more comfortable by the end of this season and shine in moments like these.

The Lakers really needed to stop complaining about foul calls. They need to be more professional and keep it in their head, even if they were truly fouled. It's fine to debate on some calls, but they over did it time and time again. Kobe should have gotten a technical at one point, he should know better. Phil Jackson should make a point of this to his team, so they can focus on what's at hand: the game. I thought the officiating crew called the game very well, they treated the game with the right amount of severity on both sides.