Saturday, March 08, 2008

The NBA has complied with a team's protest (for once) and tonight the Heat and Hawks will start play with 51.9 seconds left and the Hawks up three points. To me this request should just be forgotten now. None of these teams will have a severe playoff presence and I'd rather see the Heat play less with their recent performance.

Here is a funny video about the whole thing:

The Hawks are on the outside looking in, they still have a chance. I'm hoping Mike Bibby and Joe Johnson can propel them past New Jersey (they need a lottery pick more than the Hawks). I remind you this is the D-League of the NBA that is the East, so anything can happen (unless you are the Heat).

Also, on the subject of the Heat, why not let Pat Riley go watch the NCAA? He could see some actual talent (sorry Wade, you're good) and speed up the Heat's journey back to prominence.