Saturday, February 16, 2008


The second official day of the All-Star festivities will feature the D-League All Star game and the NBA's All-Star Saturday night. Don't overlook the D-League All Star game, there is lots of talent in this league. Everyone wants to talk about Morris Almond and his 50 point games; he is developing and will be an NBA player eventually (I hope). Catch the Blue team play the Red team in the D-League All Star game at 3 Eastern time only on NBA TV.

Now, all of you NBA buff's, are you ready for All-Star Saturday night? Both the East and West teams had a practice session to prepare for Sundays game. Starting at 8pm Eastern time on TNT are four great events. The Playstaion Skills Challenge will test dribbling and fundamental skills of the participants. Haier Shooting Stars will feature players from multiple leagues, shooting for the win! The Foot Locker Three-point Shootout will feature the sharp shooters of the league, facing off! Saving the best for last, the Sprite Slam Dunk, which will feature a text vote to determine who will win the contest.

Here are the participants in the contests:
Playstaion Skills Challenge: Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Dwayne Wade.
Foot Locker Three-point Shootout: Daniel Gibson, Richard Hamilton, Jason Kapono, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Peja Stojakovic.
Sprite Slam Dunk: Gerald Green, Jamario Moon, Dwight Howard, Rudy Gay.

My predictions:
Skills Challenge: Wade is likely to defend his title, or Paul will steal the show.
Three-Point Shootout: I think Gibson could come close, but will be nervous, so I pick the shootout proven Jason Kapono.
Slam Dunk: I want to pick Moon, the wild card, but my second choice is Rudy Gay.

REMINDER: The All-Star festivities are going to be held in New Orleans this weekend on TNT. Come to Basketball Notes by Alex for all of your All-Star coverage! I will live blog on Saturday, Febuary 16th, starting at 8pm Eastern, until the big events of the night are over. On Sunday, Feb. 17th, at 8pm Eastern as well I will blog during the All-Star game. Join in on the talk, answer poll questions, and more!

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NBAboss said...

Nah man, Dwight is gonna dunk the hell out of it, just judging by what he's been practicing:

That last dunk is absolutely sick.