Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Shaq and Bill Walton seem to have different opinion's on Shaq's health, since he has arrived to play with the Suns. Bill looks at what Shaq did in Miami this season, an injury prone time to say the least and thinks that now he is with Steve, Amare and the others, nothing will be different about his health. Shaq thinks Bill can't talk about his injuries not being legitimate, because he himself had a very injury prone career.

Look, I really respect both of these guys. Although I've never watch him play, Bill Walton's basketball IQ (and his overall academic IQ, for that matter) are a huge attribute to basketball on national TV. Shaq is truly a memorable player who really is a joy to hear about. I can't wait to see him be put into the basketball hall of fame.

I think both Bill and Shaq are right in their own ways. Bill knows that a player can't just go from not being able to play and then healthy enough to start practice. I think he does have to take into account that the Suns have a different approach to player rehabilitation. Shaq also may be a few days (or a week or so) away from getting on the court for his first game with the Suns. Shaq looks at Walton's resume and thinks it is wrong for him to blame Shaq for not trying to get back on the court. First, Shaq needs to know Bill is a basketball analyst, so of course he's going to criticize you. Walton can't really talk, that's where Shaq does have a point. It depends on how you look at Walton: as an analyst, or a former basketball player. Shaq takes it more personally, when he should be used to negative things being said about him in the media.

I hope these two clear things up, they should both be friends. Shaq will look past this, as long as he performs with the Suns.

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