Friday, February 15, 2008


Tonight the noob's of the NBA (the rookies) will face off against the sophomore's in a showdown of the future of the NBA on TNT. I want to see Brandon Roy (maybe Rudy Guy) steal the show for the Blazers, maybe then the Blazers will spell his name right in their newsletters (there was no r after the b in Brandon). On the rookies side, I am not sure who would be the MVP. My top three are Durant, Horford, or the surprise of the group, Jamario Moon. If Moon gets the MVP, then he's got the momentum for Saturday's dunk contest.

I was thinking about the future of this game and the All-Star game, and what if the crazy offensively catered rules of the NBA propel these games to scores of 200 or more? This is most likely five to seven years away, but the thought of it should create chills for people like me, who loves to see a scoring game (like the way the Suns play). What do you think? Will these games ever have final scores of 200, or more, post it in the comments.

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