Sunday, February 24, 2008


In what was a close game for about three quarters, the Mavs beat the Timberwolves 99-83. I don't know why the Timberwolves stopped playing in the fourth quarter. Maybe it was the overwhelming J-Kidd factor that propelled Dallas to a 26-10 fourth quarter advantage.

I was quite impressed with the Timberwolves play (for the first three quarters). They didn't shoot too many threes (a total of 4 for the whole game, ESPN says 2, but I saw more). Jaric worked well with Craig Smith and Al Jefferson. The give and go's were a thing of beauty. Smith showed his terrific offensive skills, embarrassing the Mavs front court defense. Despite only scoring four points, he is a developing all around player that kind of reminds me of Jason Maxiell (he still needs to practice more, though).

Dallas showed that they are starting to blend well with their new point guard (J-Kidd, of course). His assist numbers have been truly off the charts of late and I think this is just the beginning. The fact that this game featured three quarters in which each one was tied should scare Mavs fans. They should have crushed them like they did in the fourth quarter the whole game.

All of you Minnesota fans have tons to look forward to. Jefferson is terrific, Smith should continue to grow and develop, and keeping up their horrible record for this season will secure a lottery pick for them. They should get a versatile guy (like Shawn Marion), he would pose another terrific offensive threat and help them improve over the next few years in the rebuilding process.
Photo by: Jim Mone/AP Photo