Sunday, February 10, 2008


If you have been living under a rock lately, then you haven't heard that Shaq has been traded to the Suns for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. I can't say whether I like this deal yet or not. I have to commend Steve Kerr for not being afraid to try something different, along with Suns management, for not being afraid to take on the NBA's luxury tax.

From the Miami side, right now I don't really care about how this deal pertains to this season. What I really want to see is if the Heat will sign Marion for the long term, or attempt to open cap room. If they continue to play as badly as they have been all season, it will be great to see a big come to the Heat via a lottery pick. Right now they are very weak in the front court. They may have a couple of bigs, but they need to re-energize at the center position with some youth.
If only they hadn't traded Wayne Simien in that Antoine Walker deal, he looked promising.

Very soon Shawn Marion (and Marcus Banks, for that matter) will make their first appearances in Heat uniforms. The lineup will see some big changes and we will see if Marion comes out with an inspired effort. I also wouldn't count Banks out, just because he didn't play in Phoenix, doesn't mean Miami won't be where he gets hot.