Friday, February 01, 2008


The LA Lakers pulled off a major trade with the Grizzlies today, dealing Kwame Brown, Jarvaris Crittenton
and first-round draft picks in 2008 and 2010. This deal is strictly a cap deal for the Grizz. I do commend both GM's involved in this deal because they realize where they are compared to the competition. LA is a potential title contender that desperately needed another piece to make up for the Bynum injury. The Grizz have lots of young talent, but are kind of in a rebuilding stage right now.

Analyzing this deal, I do see some real problems for the Lakers. Will LA pay lots of luxury tax this season, or try to change that with a cap deal of their own? When Bynum is healthy again, will they both start? If so, who has to play power forward over their usual center position? These are some questions that the Zen Master (Phil Jackson, head coach) will answer with ease when Bynum is back.

For the Grizz, should you even really play the rest of this season or just take a lottery pick? I mean I have always liked the Grizz, but they can just not compete with anyone right now. They are a little bit above the Timberwolves level. Also, Ric Bucher said something very important, what will happen to Juan Carlos Navarro? He really only came to the Grizz because Pau was on the team. What's the point of staying now? He is a promising guard, so the Grizz need to get something for him if he stays in the NBA.