Tuesday, February 19, 2008


JKidd is a Maverick again, thanks to a blockbuster deal with the Nets:

Nets get: Devin Harris, Maurice Ager, Trenton Hassell, DeSagana Diop, Keith Van Horn (sign and trade), 08 and 2010 1st round draft picks, and three million in cash.

Dallas gets: Jason Kidd, Malik Allen, and Antoine Wright.

Lots of solid players move in this deal. I think Dallas loses depth and adds a more proven guard. The Nets did well for themselves, young guards to build around, a defensive specialist, and a solid big man. Van Horn most likely won't play, but if he were to play, he still may have a shot.

Does Dallas become more of a contender? Maybe, but not by much, if at all. You look at the moves LA and the Suns made and this move doesn't change the dynamic of Dallas enough. Dallas will have to pay the luxury tax, but maybe this may propel them. Just like what Steve Kerr did, Cuban is showing he is not afraid to help them win. I wish him well, along with the Mavs (they need it, they are in the West).

When I think of the Nets, hey why not trade VC? Will they try to rebuild with this deal, or win as much as possible? Expiring contracts could help the Nets get some talented players in the upcoming off seasons, when the free agent pool is deep. I think they should try this team for this season, see how it goes and go from there. If Harris starts to play the way I think he can, maybe they can still be a solid team. Eastern conference champion, no, but solid enough to get into the second round of the playoffs.


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