Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dwight Howard deserves a creativity award for the show he put on last night.
If you didn't see that and other great dunks, watch this:

Overall,I thought the dunk contest went really well. I did predict Jamario Moon
or Rudy Gay to win, but they didn't come out gunning as I predicted. I
agree with what the guys at TNT said, Moon shouldn't have put that tape
measure out, because it put to much pressure on him. Gay was just
overshadowed by Howard (like everyone else was). Hopefully you all got
a chance to vote via text message,, or that phone line they
talked about. I voted online, it seemed as though their server was
really being worked, so it took a little bit.

I would like to commend one of my readers (NBAboss)
for predicting Howard would steal the show. He talked about a practice
video and how his dunks looked terrific. Here is what he was talking

Look, he was right and I was wrong. Thanks for your incite NBAboss and
hopefully more of you will try to prove me wrong with my predictions.

The All-Star festivities are going to be held in New Orleans on TNT.
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