Thursday, February 21, 2008


The Cavs are now joining the teams that are shaking things up.

Cavs get:
F/C Ben Wallace (Bulls)
F Joe Smith (Bulls)
2009 2nd-round pick (Bulls)
F Wally Szczerbiak (Sonics)
G Delonte West (Sonics)

Sonics get:
F Ira Newble (
F Donyell Marshall (Cavaliers)
F Adrian Griffin (Bulls)

Bulls get:
F Drew Gooden (
G Larry Hughes (Cavaliers)
F Cedric Simmons (Cavaliers)
G Shannon Brown (Cavaliers)

Danny Ferry is really making things happen. If Wallace and Wally can propel this team far into the playoffs, you have to give Ferry credit. They still have to prove themselves, West is what they need at the guard spot and Smith could provide some bench scoring.

The Sonics get some nice cap room and some solid role players. This should help them put talent around Kevin Durant in the off season. Marshall may come inspired and play up to his potential, although it is the Sonics (sorry Sonics fans, this is not your year).

The Bulls add some young talent that needs to develop, along with great starters in Gooden and Hughes. This may be the place where Hughes can play like he used to when he was with the Wizards. He brings more experience than the young Bulls, which should give him a much bigger role than his Cleveland role. Gooden should be a solid double-double on almost every night, but he adds more offense than Wallace offered.


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