Sunday, January 13, 2008

Everyone has taken note of the fact the NBA looked at this game protest, and granted it. There was an error with how many fouls Shaquille O'Neal had when they said he was fouled out. Turns out, he only had five fouls to his name.

I like what Hawks owner Michael Gearon Jr. said of the situation, "We're human. We make mistakes. There certainly wasn't anything malicious about it. We have one of the most senior scoring staffs in the league. They're good. It happened. There's not much we can do about it."

I agree strongly with what he said, but have some questions about how the re-play would work. Do the people who bought tickets to the game before, get to see the re-take? Would anyone go to see only 51.9 seconds of a game? I'll answer that, in this case I wouldn't want to go see the game, unless they paid me too. One of these teams is the biggest disappoint so far this season (the Heat), and although the Hawks are impressing me by scrapping into the minor league (or wait, is that the Eastern conference of the NBA?) playoffs, they are still a few years off from being a contender. As an NBA fanatic, I would love to go see the game, but not this little re-take.

Quotes used in this story are from the Associated Press.