Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Photo by: Gus Ruelas

The Lakers played well the entire game and won 122-115. The game remained close throughout about 3 quarters, but the Lakers had an easy lead in the closing minutes of the fourth. I was impressed by the young Lakers who played with confidence and weren't afraid to show the Suns what they've got. I think the Lakers have made tons of mental strides this season and everyone trusts each other like never before. Initially, I thought this could be a down year for the Lakers, but I think I was wrong.

Andrew Bynum had another record breaking game with a new career high (yep, another career high) 28 points and 12 boards. I think the Lakers should trade Kwame Brown (as if anyone wants him) and promote Bynum to the starting role permanently. Jackson is probably open to it, I just want him to be hard on him so that he keeps his composure and his head in the game. Kobe Bryant had another 30+ night with 38 [points and 7 assists. Bryant is helping guys like Ariza and Bynum continue to grow and become more confident on offense. Lamar Odom had 15 points and 14 boards. Another night of solid basketball for Odom. With what should be the Lakers new three headed monster (Kobe, Bynum and Odom), this is all Odom has to do on a nightly basis to be effective. The Lakers and the Suns starters all ended up with double figures, but the scoring of Bryant and Bynum powered them to the top.

Steve Nash led the way for the Suns with 24 points and 14 dimes. Nash is always the best for the Suns, but they didn't really keep the pressure on late in the game. Shawn Marion had 15 points and 10 boards. I loved when Nash threw an alley-oop for Marion, which as a fan made this game a lot better. Kobe and Nash have now started making these some of the best teams in terms of quality lobs (right up there with the Nuggets).

Monday, December 24, 2007

After a two game losing streak compounded with a horrible start to a new season, John Paxson decided to fire head coach Scott Skiles. Although I agree with John that it was right to shake things up, I don't agree with his timing. He should have put in a little consideration to Scott's personal life, although I understand his reasoning (he wants to win!). The Bulls have decided not to announce a replacement for Skiles yet. I don't know if this will change the results of the Bulls play, but a coach that allows the team to run on offense and score more would give the a morale boost.

"This was a difficult decision to make, but one that was necessary at this time," Bulls general manager John Paxson said. "Scott helped us in many ways during his time with the Bulls; most importantly, he helped this franchise get back to respectability. I am appreciative of his hard work and the imprint that he left on our team."

Looking at the replacement market, could Larry Brown be a candidate? He would be a nice fit to the team and would probably give the Bulls more offensive freedoms. This situation would remind me of the Rockets coaching change if Brown was the new coach. When offense is welcomed and supported, it will slowly improve over time. I also feel for Skiles and hope that despite this unfortunate firing, he can have a happy holiday.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Photo by: Tony Dejak
The Lakers visited the Cavs and lost on the road 94-90, to add a loss to the Lakers record that is now 15-10. I thought the Lakers were a lock for this game, especially with the latest lack luster play from the Cavaliers, but I was wrong. LeBron James was on the ball in this game, with 33 points and 10 boards. LJ will be the one who gets his team back on track, but it is going to take a lot of points and hard minutes from him to do so.

Andrew Bynum is really impressing me and finished with 17 points and 11 rebounds. The Lakers played Bynum more than the Cavs played LeBron. Now that tells me that Phil Jackson trusts the center (who is averaging a double-double with 11.1 points and 10 boards) and wants him to continue to improve his game.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Photo by: Nick Wass

The Washington Wizards beat the Sacramento Kings 92-79, to improve to 13-10. Although each team was missing some great players, (Kings-Mike Bibby, Kevin Martin; Wizards-Gilbert Arenas AKA-Agent Zero ) there were some spectacular plays in this game. Dahntay Jones throw's down a nasty dunk to get the crowd going. Check out nba.com's Haier play of the day to see it.

I think the Wizards are doing okay without Gilbert Arenas, although the last four teams they have played aren't that impressive. I averaged the records of the Heat, the Timberwolves, Nets and Kings and it came out as 7-13.5. Beating teams that averaged together have a record under 500 is not impressive no matter who is out in my opinion. I want to see them take this momentum and continue to build this winning streak.

Brendan Haywood plays a solid game and finished with 17 points and 11 boards. I think as some of the stars are out like Arenas is now, guys like Haywood are able to build up confidence by playing more and getting more touches down low. Caron Butler had 12 points and 8 assists. Butler is a true leader because he knows that for the Wizards to go far in the playoffs, he has to let the other guys get confident and continue to improve as the season progresses. DeShawn Stevenson had 19 points and 7 assists. Stevenson was making all kinds of incredible outside shots and that really showed me that he has some shooting range when he wants to.

Brad Miller had 21 points and 9 rebounds. Miller was shooting well from the outside and I think some teams should try to get him in a trade. I know the Kings would be reluctant, but we know they are most likely not going to be serious contenders. I think Miller deserves to be with a championship contender.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


When Tinsely's brothers were leaving the club Cloud Nine, there was a disturbance about their cars. Then some harsh words were said, and his brothers left in three cars that were all registered to Tinsley.

As they drove downtown, shots were fired at them. A Pacers trainer named Joey Qatato was shot in the arm, but luckily he is in good condition.

Police say a member of Tinsley's entourage may have also returned fire. Police are looking for a dark colored Dodge Charger and a blue truck.

This is a bad story and I hope the criminals are found and justice takes its course. I wish Joey Qatato the best and hope his family isn't taking this too hard. Parts of this report were taken from www.realgm.com.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The Bobcats and free agent Anderson Varejao have reached an agreement on a three year offer sheet that will most likely mean he will not return to play for Cleveland. The Bobcats made a great move in bringing in Varejao, as long as they don't overpay him. This could also be a deal that will fuel a sign and trade that would put him back in Cleveland, but that is very unlikely.

The Bobcats are usually dealing with injuries at this position, so having another backup that plays solid defense is great. I am glad that Anderson will be able to get back out on the court soon and bring his high intensity and energy back to the game.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Photo by: Alex Brandon

The Hornets beat the Mavericks 112-108 in overtime, to end a 21 game losing streak against the Mavs. The game was close and the two Western powerhouses played very hard. I loved how the referees let the teams play, but in the fourth quarter they should have called a few more fouls and kept the game clean at crunch time. I think this will be a great rivalry from now on because the Hornets are healthy this year and the Mavericks are still going strong as one of the best of the west.

Chris Paul led the way with 33 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds. This was an impressive performance from Paul. He picked up the pace of the game with his fancy moves through the lane that ended with sweet layups. Peja Stojakovic had 22 points and 5 rebounds. He is not as good as he used to be, but he was on the ball tonight. I would like him to have a better balance of shooting jumpers and getting into the paint. If he doesn't diversify his offensive game, teams will find it easy to contain him by really challenging his jump shots. Tyson Chandler had 21 points and 13 rebounds. He was one of the players involved in the multiple acts of scuffling for a rebound. Every team needs a player like Chandler who is not afraid to get down and dirty.

Dirk Nowitzki had 19 points and 6 rebounds. Dirk did a little bit of what Peja needs to do, get to the free throw line more. They said Peja hasn't even been to the line more than 30 time yet this season and he needs to model some of Dirk's aggressiveness and get into the paint and on the strike.