Friday, November 30, 2007


Just look at the top left side and look at the NBA all star widget and you can vote for your favorite players to start in the all star game. I picked some players from the Orlando Magic because I thought they deserved tons of extra credit because of a much improved start this season.

Tonight the Boston Celtics will play the Heat tonight in Miami at 8:00 pm Eastern time on ESPN. I am looking to see something good from the Heat for once, because right now they are 4-10 and that won't cut it. I predict the Celtics will win, but the Heat will come close because of a late 4th quarter comeback. Everyone in Miami needs to get it together if they are serious about even making the playoffs. The Eastern conference is now a lot tougher and in order to compete they need a strong streak from here until the all star break.

Boston will also be very well rested for this game, since the barely had to play last night against the Knicks to beat them by more than 50.

Current Lakers coach Phil Jackson has agreed to sign a two year extension with the Lakers that will play him 11 or 12 million dollars a year. He was already the highest payed coach in sports and now he got a raise. He deserves a contract like this that pays him a lot of money because he is the coach that is most likely to get the Lakers to win more games. I don't know if he is that happy with Lakers management, but I think he is willing to stay the course for a salary raise.

I wish he and the Lakers luck over the next two years.
Photo by: Elise Amendola

The Celtics dominated the Knicks throughout their game and won 104-59. The Knicks body language told you everything. They aren't putting their hearts into the game and it is truly sad to see how terrible they are playing out on the court. This team needs some restructuring and maybe a change in the whole team's attitude to be a playoff team again. The Celtics big three combined for 50 points and if you think about it, maybe they should have played the whole Knicks team by themselves and they still might have been able to pull out a victory.

Ray Allen had 21 points and 5 rebounds. Allen and the other new members of the Celtics have been extremely unselfish since they came to Boston and that is why they are 12-2. Paul Pierce also added 21 points along with 8 rebounds. Pierce isn't overextending himself or under extending himself, he is at a perfectly balanced level. I want to see him get five assists or more in the future, but four is fine for a blowout game.

All I can say to Isah Thomas is please get your team together and start playing like an NBA team instead of team that belongs in the minor leagues. Trades are needed and I don't think Isah is the right guy to make the Knicks into a winning team any time soon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The Orlando Magic traded Trevor Ariza to the LA Lakers for Brian Cook and Maurice Evans
. This deal is good and bad for both teams. I think Ariza will be a good fit in LA, but I question the trade of Brian Cook because Kwame Brown recently went down and although Cook doesn't play his position, I think keeping him through this shortage of centers would have been the wise thing to do.

Cook is a great addition, and I think of him as a new younger Pat Garrity. I thought Ariza had a much brighter future than both the players they picked up in return. Maybe I am wrong, but time will only tell how good Ariza is compared to Cook and Evans.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Photo by: Phelan M. Ebenhack

The Orlando Magic beat the Boston Celtics 104-102, to give the Magic a 9-2 record and the Celtics a 8-1 record. I thought the Magic played better throughout 48 minutes and deserved to grind out a win. The Celtics were inconsistent and turnover prone, which foiled a 4th quarter comeback attempt that momentarily gave them the lead.

The Magic took way too many three pointers, and although adding a three point specialist in Rashard Lewis, they didn't take smart three's. Two players in particular took too many three's that weren't always open or in rhythm. The aforementioned Lewis only made a third of his outside shots or 2-6 from beyond the arc. Keith Bogans made a fourth of his shots or 2-8. A combined 4-14 is not sufficient for important games against a team atop the East conference that you need to prove you are tough against.

Dwight Howard had 24 points and 6 rebounds, while shooting 10-20 from the free throw line. Dwight had a stretch where he couldn't make free throws down the stretch and that really concerned me because teams will use that to their advantage and hack when he gets to a certain spot down low. Also, while he was being played very physically by Brian Scalabrine and Kendrick Perkins down low, he got a little frustrated and shoved Scalabrine a bit, which resulted in a technical foul. I want Dwight to act mature like he has already showed us in the early years of his career. He is a good kid, and he needs to keep that demeanor on and off the court. Hedo Turkoglu made the big three pointers in high point of this game and finished with 16 points and 6 rebounds. Early on in the season, Hedo has showed he is confident and ready for a career year this season. He sees how much better his team is and worked hard to get into shape and stay in top shape throughout the off-season.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Photo by: Jesse D. Garrabrant

After being up by double digits in the fourth quarter, the Nets let the Hornets make a big run that included two four point plays. The Nets are the real deal this year, but this was a sign of something they need to work on. Their defense down the stretch shows signs of a team that needs to change it up on defense and try to confuse other teams by having their defensive strategies change throughout the game. I also want to see the ball pounded to the big three down the stretch because Richard Jefferson needs to score in the fourth quarter unless they have a 30+ point lead.

Chris Paul had a monster game with 27 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. Paul was a big contributor to the late game triumph because he stole a defensive rebound late and passed it out to Morris Peterson for a four point play after he made the free throw. Jason Kidd had 14 points, 10 assists and 9 rebounds. Kidd will always put up numbers, but the Nets should put the ball in his hands, which they didn't in the last 2.6 seconds.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Chairman Clayton I. Bennett said that the Sonics have told David Stern they intend to relocate to Oklahoma City. This is the right move for the team to make in terms of being a profitable team and a team that has a better fan base. The city will welcome them with open arms and treat them the same way they did the Hornets when they had to relocate to Oklahoma City. David Stern has probably run out of ways to keep them in Seattle and will see the sense in them relocating to a place with a better arena.