Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tonight the NBA season will begin on TNT with a doubleheader. First an injury plagued Portland Trailblazers team will play the Spurs in San Antonio. The Spurs will be given their championship rings before this game begins. I don't expect this game to be very interesting. The only thing important to me is if the Spurs can prove they are still serious while getting their rings. We saw the terrible beginning to the Heat's season just last year, when they got their rings and were then blown out by the Nets.

After that game, the Houston Rockets will play the L.A. Lakers in L.A. I know there are a lot of rumors surrounding Kobe and his status in staying with L.A., but will be ready to play and I expect him to really impress people. The Lakers also may be a better than expected team in terms of their seeding in the Western conference.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some NBA basketball. Head over to TNT right now for pre-game coverage!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


The Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves completed a 6 player deal Wednesday. The Heat got the package of Mark Blount and Ricky Davis, while sending Antoine Walker,
Michael Doleac, Wayen Simien and a conditional first-round draft pick to Minnesota. This really shakes up the team that is most likely contending this year-the Heat. I would say that Pat Riley wanted to get rid of Antoine Walker and this was the best deal out there. He was critical of his conditioning and probably thought as I did in that Walker is not very consistent. I like the deal from both angles. Wayne Simien could develop into a solid big man who could get you 10 and 10 a night. This helps the Heat by giving them a strong back up center for Shaq in case of more injury problems.

I am pleased that Ricky Davis is going to a team that will actually compete and at least make the playoffs this year. He should really have a coming out party this year and shine in the inferno of the Heat.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photo by: Stefano Silvestri

The new look Boston Celtics beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 92-81 in London, England for the Europe Live tour. I wasn't really impressed with this game. In fact I didn't expect to be. These teams need to get used to drastic roster changes and need to get to know each other more-and that is what the preseason is all about. I thought the Celtics only played hard in the 3rd quarter because the game was pretty close up until then. The Timberwolves had some good plays here and there, but overall their offense was disfunctional.

Ray Allen put his stamp on this game with 28 points and making 11 of 14 shots from the field. He didn't do that great in the first preseason game, but he is still getting his feet wet with the C's. I really didn't like that they started Rajon Rondo at point guard. I know it's preseason but Rondo? He still needs to find his game (I am not insulting his game, I just think maybe he could spend time in the D-League to develop it). That shows a flaw in depth in the back court in Boston.

Ricky Davis was hot in the first half, but cooled down to finish with just 18 points. He showed that he is a guy that can get really hot but cool off after halftime.

The New York Knicks decided to take some risk and sign Allan Houston.
"I have decided to return to the NBA as a member of the New York Knicks. I have worked extremely hard in the last year and a half to accomplish my dream of playing in the NBA again," Houston said.
I want to see Allan Houston play before I say I like or don't like this deal. All I can really say right now, is that I am happy he is healthy and ready to play in the NBA game again.


The game is just under way on ESPN2. Now, just sit back and enjoy the new look Celtics!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Photo by: Giulio Ciamillo

Unicaja Malaga beat the Memphis Grizzlies in a nail biter of a game 102-99. Unicaja made a lot of mistakes, but were able to win on last second free throws and good defense. I thought this game was easily the most entertaining of all of the Europe Live games so far. Both teams wanted to run quickly up and down the court and shoot lots of threes.

A player that I didn't know by the last name of Kus led the way for
Unicaja Malaga with 20 points and shot three of seven from the three point line. I thought most of the players could stretch the defense for Unicaja Malaga, but he was on fire. I also thought that it was interesting how not just the starters did the scoring for Unicaja. The five starters had 52 points, while the bench had 50.

The newcomer Juan-Carlos Navarro led the Grizzlies with 21 points and shot five of eight from the three point line. He wasn't very consistent, but definitely was effective. I liked that he was able to play well when it really mattered. One aspect that was of concern to me, was when he committed a bad offensive foul in the final 10 or so seconds of the game. I also think he will play differently when he is in the U.S.

I enjoyed watching this new and somewhat improved Grizzlies team. They dunked, alley ooped and wowed the crowd out of their seats.