Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today Eckerd College will play a game against Rollins College on CSTV. The reason I am talking about this is because Eckerd is a place I know and have played basketball in the summer there. The game is on channel 610 on Directv. Expect a full recap of the game today.
Photo by: Tom Olmscheid
The Minnesota Timberwolves fell short to the Detroit Pistons in a crazy game that ended 104-98 in double overtime. In the fourth quarter, if you haven't already heard, KG and Antonio McDyess got into a little rumble and were ejected. KG suprised me with that action. I know he was trying to protect Mark Madsen but he is a superstar and has to set a good example for young fans. Don't be surprised if you hear Adidas (his shoe maker) angry with Garnett about the matter. The game was right down to the wire and turned out to end well even without KG in the game.
Late in the first OT Mike James was trapped in a tough angle but managed to nail a three to take a three point advantage. Watching the replay, I thought it was questionable if he went out of bounds or not but they counted it. Now the Pistons had the ball and advanced the ball with a twenty second timeout. Mr. Big ,Chauncey Billups, got a pick to go to the top of the key for a three and Mike James didn't get to him in time, and he tied the game with a three! I agree with Tom Tolbert on this play, foul him before he is in the shooting motion!! In the next overtime the Pistons were out of rhythm and didn't make many shots and ran out of gas. The Pistons are better, but didn't have to face Garnett in crunch time which gave them a clear advantage. I was dazzled by Randy Foye who is a possible rookie of the year candidate.

Friday, January 12, 2007

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COMMENT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT! Today I received a great comment from Alex Hill, who tried out for the Strong Dogs, a team that never made it, but now plays for the Orlando Aces in the ABA. He's a blogger too. Check him out at: which lets you know all about his basketball hopes and dreams. Here is what he sent me: "Man, You are amazing. I just checked out your blog and you are on point to be so young man. You have a great future ahead of you. I noticed that I am in one of your pics too. You have pics from the Tampa Bay Strongdogs tryouts. On one of the pics you have a quote that says "A layup is just hanging on the rim for one Strong Dogs hopeful", I'm the guy closest to the camera with the dreds. I tried out with them, but decided to play with the Orlando Aces ( instead. Anyways check out the personal Blog I just started, we have the same name so it should be easy to remember. It's, let me know what you think." THANKS FOR MAKING ME FEEL SO GOOD, ALEX. KEEP THEM COMING!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Top 80 8th Grade Players to Participate in Tri-state area All Star Basketball Classic

New York, NY, January 8, 2007 — Dream Team Sports, Inc. Abyssinian and Real Scout proudly present the first annual 8th Grade All Star Basketball Classic taking place Saturday, January 13, 2007 at the Kennedy Center in Harlem, NY. Featuring the Tri State Area’s Top 80 8th grade players, the event commences at 3PM with the Girls J.H.S. All Star Game, followed by the Boys J.H.S. All Star Game, Co-sponsored by Caribbean Patio Bake Products, admission is free and refreshments will be on hand. The Kennedy Center is located at 34 West 135th Street between Lennox Ave and 5th Ave in Harlem, NY. For more information on these games and/or the All Star players, log onto

Dream Team Sports, Inc. the sports marketing and college placement program founded by entrepreneur Dhanraj Maharaj, has teamed up with Alexis Smith Director of Basketball at Abyssinian has successful recruiting class, placing 3 athletes at 3 highly rated Division I and II programs throughout the nation. This year’s recruits include:

1. Geneshia Dunbar: Signed with San Diego State University. 2. Marissa Flagg: Signed with Iona College... 3. Monet Williams: Signed with Delaware State... 4. Britteny Epps: being recruited by Northwestern University, Brown University, and University of Houston.5. Ieasha Nixson: being recruited Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth.
6. Raven Harris: being recruited Uconn, Virginia State, Clemson... 7. Veronica Ruiz: being recruited University of Texas, Seton Hall, St. Johns and Marist College.

With the aide of top notch recruiters and scouts like Alexis Smith, Reggie Howard and James Poitier. Dream Team Sports, Inc. looks forward to another successful year of recruiting and placement as well as continuing to provide local/regional up and coming athletes with venues to showcase their talents. For more information on Dream Team Sports and its programs log onto or contact Dhanraj Maharaj at or 646.821.9943

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tonight Iverson's old team the Sixers will take a trip to his new home in Denver for a good matchup at nine Eastern time. You can catch the game on Altitude in Denver, or like most of us, on NBA League Pass. I will enjoy this game, because I anticipate an outstanding scoring display by AI. I also predict Iverson will go out of his way to beat the Sixers. WATCH TONIGHT AT 9:00 EASTERN!