Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Photo by: Gus Ruelas

The Lakers played well the entire game and won 122-115. The game remained close throughout about 3 quarters, but the Lakers had an easy lead in the closing minutes of the fourth. I was impressed by the young Lakers who played with confidence and weren't afraid to show the Suns what they've got. I think the Lakers have made tons of mental strides this season and everyone trusts each other like never before. Initially, I thought this could be a down year for the Lakers, but I think I was wrong.

Andrew Bynum had another record breaking game with a new career high (yep, another career high) 28 points and 12 boards. I think the Lakers should trade Kwame Brown (as if anyone wants him) and promote Bynum to the starting role permanently. Jackson is probably open to it, I just want him to be hard on him so that he keeps his composure and his head in the game. Kobe Bryant had another 30+ night with 38 [points and 7 assists. Bryant is helping guys like Ariza and Bynum continue to grow and become more confident on offense. Lamar Odom had 15 points and 14 boards. Another night of solid basketball for Odom. With what should be the Lakers new three headed monster (Kobe, Bynum and Odom), this is all Odom has to do on a nightly basis to be effective. The Lakers and the Suns starters all ended up with double figures, but the scoring of Bryant and Bynum powered them to the top.

Steve Nash led the way for the Suns with 24 points and 14 dimes. Nash is always the best for the Suns, but they didn't really keep the pressure on late in the game. Shawn Marion had 15 points and 10 boards. I loved when Nash threw an alley-oop for Marion, which as a fan made this game a lot better. Kobe and Nash have now started making these some of the best teams in terms of quality lobs (right up there with the Nuggets).