Friday, November 30, 2007

Photo by: Elise Amendola

The Celtics dominated the Knicks throughout their game and won 104-59. The Knicks body language told you everything. They aren't putting their hearts into the game and it is truly sad to see how terrible they are playing out on the court. This team needs some restructuring and maybe a change in the whole team's attitude to be a playoff team again. The Celtics big three combined for 50 points and if you think about it, maybe they should have played the whole Knicks team by themselves and they still might have been able to pull out a victory.

Ray Allen had 21 points and 5 rebounds. Allen and the other new members of the Celtics have been extremely unselfish since they came to Boston and that is why they are 12-2. Paul Pierce also added 21 points along with 8 rebounds. Pierce isn't overextending himself or under extending himself, he is at a perfectly balanced level. I want to see him get five assists or more in the future, but four is fine for a blowout game.

All I can say to Isah Thomas is please get your team together and start playing like an NBA team instead of team that belongs in the minor leagues. Trades are needed and I don't think Isah is the right guy to make the Knicks into a winning team any time soon.