Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photo by: Stefano Silvestri

The new look Boston Celtics beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 92-81 in London, England for the Europe Live tour. I wasn't really impressed with this game. In fact I didn't expect to be. These teams need to get used to drastic roster changes and need to get to know each other more-and that is what the preseason is all about. I thought the Celtics only played hard in the 3rd quarter because the game was pretty close up until then. The Timberwolves had some good plays here and there, but overall their offense was disfunctional.

Ray Allen put his stamp on this game with 28 points and making 11 of 14 shots from the field. He didn't do that great in the first preseason game, but he is still getting his feet wet with the C's. I really didn't like that they started Rajon Rondo at point guard. I know it's preseason but Rondo? He still needs to find his game (I am not insulting his game, I just think maybe he could spend time in the D-League to develop it). That shows a flaw in depth in the back court in Boston.

Ricky Davis was hot in the first half, but cooled down to finish with just 18 points. He showed that he is a guy that can get really hot but cool off after halftime.