Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Photo by: Giulio Ciamillo

Unicaja Malaga beat the Memphis Grizzlies in a nail biter of a game 102-99. Unicaja made a lot of mistakes, but were able to win on last second free throws and good defense. I thought this game was easily the most entertaining of all of the Europe Live games so far. Both teams wanted to run quickly up and down the court and shoot lots of threes.

A player that I didn't know by the last name of Kus led the way for
Unicaja Malaga with 20 points and shot three of seven from the three point line. I thought most of the players could stretch the defense for Unicaja Malaga, but he was on fire. I also thought that it was interesting how not just the starters did the scoring for Unicaja. The five starters had 52 points, while the bench had 50.

The newcomer Juan-Carlos Navarro led the Grizzlies with 21 points and shot five of eight from the three point line. He wasn't very consistent, but definitely was effective. I liked that he was able to play well when it really mattered. One aspect that was of concern to me, was when he committed a bad offensive foul in the final 10 or so seconds of the game. I also think he will play differently when he is in the U.S.

I enjoyed watching this new and somewhat improved Grizzlies team. They dunked, alley ooped and wowed the crowd out of their seats.