Thursday, October 25, 2007


The Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves completed a 6 player deal Wednesday. The Heat got the package of Mark Blount and Ricky Davis, while sending Antoine Walker,
Michael Doleac, Wayen Simien and a conditional first-round draft pick to Minnesota. This really shakes up the team that is most likely contending this year-the Heat. I would say that Pat Riley wanted to get rid of Antoine Walker and this was the best deal out there. He was critical of his conditioning and probably thought as I did in that Walker is not very consistent. I like the deal from both angles. Wayne Simien could develop into a solid big man who could get you 10 and 10 a night. This helps the Heat by giving them a strong back up center for Shaq in case of more injury problems.

I am pleased that Ricky Davis is going to a team that will actually compete and at least make the playoffs this year. He should really have a coming out party this year and shine in the inferno of the Heat.