Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tonight the NBA season will begin on TNT with a doubleheader. First an injury plagued Portland Trailblazers team will play the Spurs in San Antonio. The Spurs will be given their championship rings before this game begins. I don't expect this game to be very interesting. The only thing important to me is if the Spurs can prove they are still serious while getting their rings. We saw the terrible beginning to the Heat's season just last year, when they got their rings and were then blown out by the Nets.

After that game, the Houston Rockets will play the L.A. Lakers in L.A. I know there are a lot of rumors surrounding Kobe and his status in staying with L.A., but will be ready to play and I expect him to really impress people. The Lakers also may be a better than expected team in terms of their seeding in the Western conference.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some NBA basketball. Head over to TNT right now for pre-game coverage!