Monday, June 11, 2007

Photo by: D. Clarke Evans

The Spurs beat the Cavs 103-92 to take a 2-0 series lead. The Spurs came out strong and LeBron got two fouls early to help them out. Tony Parker was fantastic and the Cavs need to find a way to stop him. Eric Snow was the only one who might be able to slow him down; look for him to play more minutes in game 3.

The good news for the Cavs is that they had a good come back in the 4th quarter to carry over to game 3. They cut the lead to eight at one point on a 30-14 run. I don't know if this is good for the Spurs or the Cavs. Gregg Popovich is going to tell the Spurs everything they need to do better before he gives any praise for good play.

Cleveland has to stop Tony Parker to win a game. Tony gets everyone going it seems and stopping him would give the Cavs less of a running team. Parker gets the Spurs to run. The big three have been hitting the Cavs for lots of points every game; how about making the role players score more? If Robert Horry had 5 blocks and did everything else, you'd much rather lose that way. The magic number here is 50. Don't let the big three score 50. Mike Brown knows he's got a young team and setting goals sounds like a way to get the Cavs back on their game.

Tony Parker swooped through the lane for 30 points and 4 boards. Parker is the MVP in this series so far. He is the Energizer Bunny that gets this team going on both ends. Robert Horry got a drink from the fountain of youth and did everything, finishing with 5 points, 5 blocks, 9 boards and 4 assists. If Horry does that again and the big three score less than 50, the Cavs have a real shot at winning game 3. Tim Duncan quietly almost had a triple double with 23 points, 9 boards and 8 assists. That's Duncan on a quiet night. When all the attention is put on Parker, Duncan still plays solid ball. Now that's a professional.

My prediction for game 3 in Cleveland is a desperation win for the Cavs. They have to win this game if they have any hope of going back to San Antonio. This game will be close and LeBron will have a great game without an air ball from the free throw line. Game 3 will be on ABC Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern time.