Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Everyone is talking Oden and Durant and I want to bring a new topic to the mix. Why just who's number 1 or who's number 2? How about not putting pressure on these young soon to be superstars. I think everyone should talk about the others, the Conley Jr.'s and players that do the dirty work more than the mainstream stars.

But now that you heard my opinion on that I will put in a quick note about the draft. Number one should be Kevin Durant but it's Oden. Durant is a better individual player but Greg is more proven. I think he wouldn't get rattled as easily as Durant and make other players better before Durant really realizes how vital team work is. Also, ESPN has reported that Oden has been told he will be the number one pick.

Now those fresh out of the oven trade rumors. I like Kevin Garnett going somewhere during the draft or very soon after. The talks of the three team deal with the Suns and Hawks sounds like a great deal all around. More on any developments in the draft on Basketball Notes by Alex.