Friday, June 01, 2007


LeBron James had the game of his life and brought the Cavs to victory over the Pistons 109-107 in double overtime. All I can say about LeBron's game last night is WOW! LeBron scored his team's final 25 and 29 of its final 30. He had all the overtime points for the Cavs to go along with that. He did things he's never even done before on the court. Behind the back fade away, went to the right a little more than usual, it was beautiful to see.

I expected more from the Pistons on defense. Everyone knew the ball was going to go to LeBron near the end of the game. They should have loaded up on him more. Chauncey Billups had a chance to tie in the second overtime and came up short because Varejao changed the rotation of the shoot.

I think the Cavs have too much confidence not to win game six. They have LeBron so if they can't score he can put up 25 straight.