Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scot Pollard said a horrible thing on TV in a game "Hey kids, do drugs." He already said sorry but that doesn't make it better if you ask me. If you are a fan of Scot Pollard here is my message to you: Don't do drugs!

Here is the clip:


Offseason said...

In Scott's defense, it was the joke of a person being filmed in the stands who is trying quickly to think of something, anything, to say. His voice clearly should not have been picked up by the mic. How often can you actually hear what celebrity cut aways are saying?

PANGER said...

congratulations on your blog, alex. it's a great read and your passion for basketball shows.

i'm commenting here because i respect your intelligence and think it's important you get some feedback on your opinion.

i take exception to your comment about pollard.

not because i condone drugs. far from it.

but i think you've made way too big a deal of it.

pollard was making a joke. you might not have thought it funny - clearly a lot of people didn't - but it was still a joke.

and he apologized.

you need to have some room in your head and heart for people to screw up, especially when it's such a minor thing.

now you might argue it's not minor at all, that pollard could influence children by saying that.

i disagree: if a child can hear that single three seconds and start using drugs, there's a MUCH bigger reason he or she started than scot pollard.

anyway, good work, alex. i've linked you and i'll be checking out what you write about regularly.

j$ said...

i wouldnt have even know what he was saying if you didnt point it out.