Monday, March 26, 2007

Photo by: Andrew D. Bernstein

Last night Kobe Bryant ended his streak of four games with 50 or more points. He was just seven off finishing with 43 points which I thought he was lucky to get the way the entire team was playing so well together.

Other than the Kobe show the Lakers did win the game 115-113 over the Warriors. They had a big lead like I expected but gave it away in the second quarter. The team had more consistent offense, but lacked the same intensity defensively. Role players were a big part of the Laker attack and Ronny Turiaf is the one who came through the most in crunch time. He went on the floor for loose balls and had a few blocks and got going on the offensive end also with 7 points. Lamar Odom really showed he can do it all with 24 points and 19 ferocious rebounds. I say ferocious because you could see the effort he put into grabbing all of the rebounds. He wanted them more than anyone else which allowed him to take over the rebounding game.

Monta Ellis was phenomenal with dazzling slashes through the lane for layups, and the crisp perfection of his jump shoots. Ellis finished with 31 points (tied a career high) and 4 steals. I'm sure Don Nelson had a smile on his face watching this young kid light it up. One thing he needs some work on is defense, he can steal the ball, but needs to learn how to guard players face to face.