Monday, March 26, 2007

NBA Seventh Games Showcased in Riveting New Book

SEATTLE -- A new book covering every seventh game in NBA history is now available exclusively online at

The book, titled “Game 7: Inside the NBA’s Ultimate Showdown,” is loaded with in-depth analysis and player perspectives, including:

* A thorough unraveling of basketball’s most famous play, most notably why John Havlicek’s famous steal never should have happened;

* The cause of the Blazers’ notorious meltdown against the Lakers in the 2000 Western Conference finals;

* Coach Billy Cunningham’s psychological gamble against the Celtics in the 1981 Eastern Conference finals;

* How the rest of the Lakers diffused the Shaq-Kobe relationship long enough to squeeze out a thrilling win over the Kings in 2002;

* The various approaches in dealing with Game 7 pressure, including a chart of all late-game situations.

The book contains those elements and a whole lot more about all 96 NBA Game 7s, including:

* Complete full-length box scores from every game;

* Behind-the-scenes details uncovered from scores of recent interviews with the author;

* Hand-compiled, never-before-seen record book;

* Complete roster of every player who ever stepped onto the court for a Game 7.

The 330-page book can be ordered exclusively online for $18.95 (plus shipping/handling) at