Thursday, February 15, 2007


Tim Hardaway, former Heat player, tarnished his image by making crude and cruel comments about his feelings towards gay people. This blew my mind when I read about it because I have had a friendship with Tim when he was with the Pit Bulls in the ABA. A few years ago when I heard about Tim Hardaway starting an ABA team I quickly wrote him an email and was pleasantly surprised when I got a signed letter back from him. This letter invited me to a game and to be an honorary ballboy. Tim Hardaway gained my respect from more than what he did on the court, because he was nice enough to write to a kid and make me feel good. Now, however, I am sad and shocked that Tim would lash out at gay people. He made a terrible mistake and has apologized for it but it won't make up for what he said. He should have known better. I thought he was smarter than that.

If you want to read what Tim said, go to