Friday, February 02, 2007


The NBA All Star games reserves have been announced for both conferences and I want to break down the ones that interest me.

First, in the Eastern conference. What first jumps out at me is why wasn't there a message in big print on the ballots saying, "DON'T VOTE FOR ANYONE FROM THE ATLANTIC, THEY ARE HORRID TEAMS." I know the game is to produce an exciting up the court I am going to score more than you kinda game, but the Atlantic is the worst division ever in basketball this season in my opinion. The players who made it from the Atlantic are VC and JKidd. I don't want to take anything away from these players and their achievements this year, because let's face it, if you are in that division right now there is one record over 500. No one from those teams should make it, with one exception though, Bosh. The reason Bosh is allowed is because his team has made improvements this year and he is a big factor in leading them into an elite state.

Now to the conference that isn't under 500., the West. I like the fact that Melo was left off the team. He missed some games and needs to repair that tiny dent on his image that took place in New York, to please the voters. I think he may be a frontrunner to replace Yao who won't play. I love how the West looks.

For all of your information on the All Star game, stay tuned here on Basketball Notes by Alex and log onto: the official website of the All Star game. One other thing I want to note on. I am writing a weekly column for the Spanish basketball website in English to give them more English along with the Spanish content. Please check out that wonderful site also.


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