Saturday, December 30, 2006


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Monday, December 25, 2006

Photo by: Victor Baldizon
The Miami Heat beat the LA Lakers in a Christmas Day showdown 101-85. The game was close but not near as close as I expected. The Heat didn't sacrifice the lead at all and had an easy time beating the Lakers. The big time player in this game was Flash Dwayne Wade. Wade made the court look like a slip and slide on a summer Miami day the way he was wowing the crowd with spin moves. Flash finished the game with 40 points and 11 assists in 41 minutes. The starting five for the Lakers have to eliminate their carelessness with the ball and their ability to stay in games. Ronny Turiaf, the Lakers first male cheerleader-player (have you watched him on the bench?) was outstanding off the bench with 13 points and 7 boards in 19 and a half minutes. You don't know by looking at the boxscore if Turiaf has had a good game or not. The tenacious hustle and flat out energy he shows even on the bench makes him a perfect role player.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

NEW EPISODE OF HOOP SCOOPS AUDIO SHOW OUT! Look on the top left side of my blog for a new episode of my Hoop Scoops audio show. Any questions about the show? Email me at thanks. PUMP UP THE VOLUME IT'S THE HOOP SCOOPS AUDIO SHOW!
Photo by: Garrett Ellwood
IVERSON AND THE NUGGETS LOSE IN DENVER! Allen Iverson made his long anticipated premiere as a Denver Nugget. The Nuggets didn't win in a close game to the Kings 101-96. Allen did have a great game with 22 points and 10 assists in 39 minutes on nine of 15 shooting from the field. Iverson established himself well and he came in and passed the ball in first half. In the third quarter it was his time to score with 12 points in the quarter. The last quarter the Kings were great. Salmons helped out with a triple double 21 points, 10 assists and 11 boards in 40 minutes. I think moving from the Sixers is what he needed. This system seems to fit his style and he can get good minutes. Be sure to watch the LA Lakers go to Miami and play the Heat at 2:30 Eastern on ABC! Christmas day! GO NUGGETS!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Photos By: Frank Franklin II
NUGGETS KNICKS BRAWL IN NY and MELO THROWS A PUNCH! The game was a blowout, a usual thing for the Knicks these days, with 1:15 left in the 4th quarter the score was 119-100. J.R. Smith motored down the lane, and Mardy Collins took him down hard it was a flagrant foul. Then, the teams run over and Melo had words with Nate Robinson and then Robinson took down J.R. Smith and the whole game was messed up. The brawl moved down court, and Melo hit Mardy Collins and 10 players were thrown out. Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Marcus Camby, Eduardo Najera and Andre Miller for the Nuggets, and Mardy Collins, Nate Robinson, Channing Frye, Jared Jeffries and David Lee for the Knicks. I think the consequences will be double harsh if Stern has the last word. Melo has to set examples as a star player and throwing punches will lose him some popularity but give him street cred. Robinson is a little guy but a big fighter, and I am not surprised by his actions. Jared Jeffries wanted to go after Melo but didn't do as much as he wanted to. As for suspensions for all the players, I think 10-15 games if Stern is polite for Melo, Smith, Robinson, Jeffries and Collins. The others will get suspensions, but I don't think they will be as bad. This is a long link but if you want to see what happened go to: it will show you everything.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

SUNS PREVAIL IN NEW JERSEY 161-157! DOUBLE OT! In the most amazing game of the season the Suns beat the New Jersey Nets 161-157 in double overtime. This game left me speechless! Hopefully you didn't miss it! What was good was offense if you like defense the Suns aren't the team to watch. GO SUNS!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

SHORT RECAP OF MAVS GAME! The Mavs lost to Wizards 106-97 to end a 12 game winning streak. The Mavs shouldn't hold their heads because they fought back from being down by as much as 31 and made it a good finish to a bad game.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

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NEW UTAH TEAM TO D-LEAGUE NEXT YEAR! A new team for the D-League's 2007-2008 season has been announced to play in Orem, Utah at the McKay Event Center. Just so you know the scoop, I have already talked to a team official so look for ongoing coverage of the team as it develops. Go to their website at: and vote for a team name. Get involved and help them out!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Recently, I got a great comment. I don't know who it is from but it is very detailed! The topic is on why Artis Gilmore should be in the Hall of Fame. I thought I would do a post on it so everyone can see it!

Here is what my anonymous source had to say: "Great to see the A-Train back in action even for a few minutes. For all readers: here's a reminder of why Artis Gilmore is WAY OVERDUE for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. His remarkable career highlights include: JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY • Led Jacksonville University to the NCAA championship final game vs UCLA in 1970. • All-time NCAA Division I career rebounding average leader (22.7 rebounds per game) • NCAA All-Tournament Team (1970) • One of only eight players in college history to average 20 points and 20 rebounds per game over a career • NCAA rebounding champion in 1970 and 1971 • National Association of Basketball Coaches All-American Team (1970-1971) • Number retired in 1992. AMERICAN BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION • ABA Championship, Kentucky Colonels (1975) • ABA Most Valuable Player and Rookie, 1971-72 • One of seven unanimous selections to the 1997 ABA All-Time Team • Regular season ABA numbers: 22.3 points and 17.1 rebounds. Playoff averages: 22.0 points and 16.1 rebounds. • Four-time ABA rebounding champion (1972-74, 76) • Two-time ABA field goal percentage champion (1972-73) • Two-time ABA shot blocking champion (1972-73) • 1974 ABA All-Star Game MVP • 1975 ABA Playoff MVP • Five-time All-ABA 1st Team selection (1972-76) • Four-time ABA All-Defensive Team selection (1973-76) • ABA single-season record for the most blocked shots (422) • ABA regular season single game record of 40 rebounds versus New York, February 3, 1974 • During a five-year ABA career played in all 420 games. • Finished in the top 10 in scoring all five seasons. NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION • Career .599 field-goal percentage - highest in NBA history. • Four-time NBA field goal percentage champion (1981-84) • .600 or better field goal percentage in six different seasons, • Six-time NBA All-Star (1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986). • Regular season NBA numbers: 17.1 points and 10.1 rebounds. • All-Defensive Second Team (1978) • Chicago Bulls club record field goal pecentage (.587). • Led Chicago Bulls in scoring, rebounding, field goal shooting and blocked shots in three consecutive seasons and four overall (1976-78, and 1981). • Led Chicago Bulls in field goal shooting and blocked shots in 1980. COMBINED ABA/NBA ACHIEVEMENTS • Ranks first in career ABA/NBA regular season field goal percentage (.582); also holds the NBA (.599) and ABA (.558) career records • 3rd highest shot blocker in pro basketball (ABA/NBA) history (3,178) • 5th highest rebounder in pro basketball (ABA/NBA) history (16,330) • 18th of all time pro basketball (ABA/NBA) scorers (24,941) • One of only 24 players to score a total of 20,000 or more points (ABA and NBA combined). • Leading left-handed scorer in professional basketball (ABA/NBA) history • All Star in 11 of 17 years as a pro • 5th best all-time for pro (ABA/NBA) minutes played (43,836) • Appeared in 670 consecutive ABA/NBA games • Ranked in the top ten in rebounding in 12 of 17 ABA/NBA seasons • Ranked in the top ten in blocked shots in 13 of 17 ABA/NBA seasons • Ranked in the top ten in field goal percentage in 15 of 17 ABA/NBA seasons ITALIAN LEAGUE • Made the European All-Star Team playng with Bologna Arimo (1988-89). OTHER HONORS • Named to Sporting News’ Top 50 of the first 50 Years of the NBA • Named to Athlon’s Top 50 of the first 50 Years of the NBA • Top of ESPN’s list of “Players Missing From The Hall Of Fame” • Kentucky Sports Hall Of Fame (inducted with entire Kentucky Colonels 1975 ABA championship team in 2005) • Florida Sports Hall Of Fame (1974)."